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Tabby Cat Breed Mystery Revealed

Tabby Cat Breed

Tabby Cat Breed is not a pattern of Kitty’s coat. All Tabby Cats have a pattern of M on their forehead marking around their eyes. Some people think that M is for Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ( SAW ) because they love cats. You can find the Tabby Pattern in many different breeds.  You can watch the fantastic video of Tabby Cat from here.

Tabby Cat Breed Patterns

Tabby Cat has five different unique patterns.

Classic Tabby Cat

The classic Tabby Cat is also called “Marbeled or Blotched ” has a dark brown pattern also occurs in color black and grey. There may be a pattern of a butterfly on their shoulders.

Mackerel Tabby Cat

A mackerel Tabby Cat has narrow stripes that run down its sides. That is why it’s similar to Tiger. The stripes are thin, continuous and unbroken. The Pattern is something like that the branch from the one stripe that runs along the top of the cat’s back down the spine like the Fish skeleton.

Spotted Tabby Cat

The spotted Tabby Cat Breed pattern broke the Mackerel Pattern so that the spots appeared on the body of the cat. The spots may be larger or smaller.

Ticked Tabby Cat

A Ticked Tabby Cat is also called Agouti Tabby Cat. It doesn’t have the stripes and spots on her body. But it has the Tabby pattern and has Agouti Hairs.

Patched Tabby Cat

The Patched Tabby Cat is like the Tortoiseshell. There are individual patches of brown and red tabby on the same animal. A patched tabby is also called Tortie.

Different Tabby Cats


The Abyssinian is different in appearance. They are not always Tabby Cat but when their pattern tends to be Agouti, they are Tabby. Agouti is another name of the Tabby Cat. Agouti or ticked hair means fur that has several colors in a single strand. This gives cats with the ticked tabby pattern a stunning shimmery look.

Abyssinian Tabby Cat Breed

Abyssinian Tabby Cat Breed

Domestic Shorthair

The Domestic Shorthair can be the perfect house pet. Shorthairs are the intermixed breed; they have few genetic health problems. The nature of these breeds is also different. Some are very friendly with their family members, and some are not.

American Bobtail

The Bobtail is the American Tabby Cat. This breed comes in many different colors and many different sizes. Bobtails are the mixture of solid and tabby but the shows the classic swirled pattern.

American Bobtail Tabby Cat

American Bobtail Tabby Cat

The American Curl is available in every color and pattern.  American Curls have some Tabby coloration on at least some part of their body.

American Curl Tabby Cat

American Curl Tabby Cat

American Shorthair

American Shorthair cat is most popular in America. This cat is famous due to the classic Tabby Pattern.

American Shorthair Tabby Cat

American Shorthair Tabby Cat

Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon Cat is most popular in North America. Most pedigreed cat breeds are of solid or ombre coloring. Maine Coon Cat is also the most popular pedigree Tabby Cat Breeds.

Maine Coon Tabby Cat

Maine Coon Tabby Cat


The Ocicat was bred explicitly with the sole reason for making them look fancy. The breeders did their job. Cheerfully, they look wild however are in reality altogether local.

Ocicat Tabby Cat

Ocicat Tabby Cat


The most different Tabby Cat on our list is the Oriental Cat. The Oriental has the particular Siamese body compose, with huge almond eyes and large ears. What separates them is that they come in numerous, many hues, including varieties of Tabby Cat Breed.

Oriental Tabby Cat

Oriental Tabby Cat

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