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Tabby Kitten

Tabby Kittens are very active and adventurous. They may put themselves in precarious situations until they learn their limitations. It’s better to purchase the Tabby Kitten rather than the adult. The Kitten can learn the things in a better way. In appearance, the Kittens are a miniature adult. Some time the Kitten may be born without the stripes and swirls. But it will appear after some time. Watch the video of cute Tabby Kitten.

Tabby Kitten Patterns

The Tabby Kittens have five different, unique patterns.

Mackerel Tabby

A Mackerel Kitten has parallel narrow stripes that run down its sides. That’s why it also looks like a Tiger. And the Tiger is also called the Big Cat. This pattern is continuous. This model is also called the Fishbone tabby.

Classic Tabby

The Classic Tabby Kittens tend to have a dark brown pattern, but also occur in grey and black. There might be a butterfly pattern on their shoulders. Classic Tabby has a pattern of M on their forehead.

Spotted Tabby

The Spotted Kitten break up the Mackerel pattern. So the stripes broke up into larger spots.

Ticked Tabby

The Ticked Tabby Pattern produces Agouti hairs with distinct colors on them, breaking up the tabby patterning into a “salt-and-pepper” or “sand” like appearance.

Patched Tabby

A patched Tabby Kitten is like Tortoiseshell. There are separate patches of Brown Tabby and Red Tabby. This Tabby is also called Tortie.

Fact of the Tabby Kittens

Kitten Tabby

Kitten Tabby

  • Tabby Kittens are very moody. They are in a perfect mood at one time and at the same time, they feel shy. Their nature is just like the humans.
  • Some Tabby cats are very active, and some are very lazy also
  • Some Tabby Cats love to live indoor while others not.
  • Tigers also have the same pattern as like Tabby cat that is why they are also called Big Cats.

The Magnificient “ M “

The most consistent marking on the Tabby Cat is the “ M “ Named for Mau, the name which Cats were brought in antiquated Egypt ( likely the sound of ” Meow “. ) While a few people may consider Tabby Cat as “normal” since they are seen all around, those of us whose homes are graced by their essence, consider them eminence, as befitting their foundations. I wouldn’t have it some other way, and neither would my three Tabbies.

Tabby Kitten M Pattern

Tabby Kitten M Pattern

Importance of Cat in Islam

Abu Hurayrah, well-known companion of the Prophet (saw) and a major narrator of his saying. Was given the nickname  Abu Hurayrah (actually a father of Kittens) by the Prophet since he used to look after a little male Cat. (“Cat” word originates from the Arabic word qit/Hirra. However, a minor male Cat is called Hurayrah, or along these lines In Arabic, hirra means a Cat and Hurayra means a Kitten.

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